Living, Sensing Through Each Other

Question: If humans could experience what another person felt by mind reading or by some type of technology, do you think it would ultimately lead to world peace?

Answer: Yes, and this is our optimal future state. But Nature – which guides our development – is very precisely, carefully organized. We can not get, acquire such an ability yet as with our inherently selfish, egocentric and greedy intentions we would abuse such a power and exploit others even more than we do today.

Thus we will receive the ability to feel others, read their minds, perceive reality through their desires and viewpoints when we have acquired completely selfless, altruistic, unconditionally serving intentions towards others first. Then we will use our unique, new ability only for the betterment, service of those others without any selfish, subjective calculations.

And by that the world will truly become a better place as with such a mutually serving, loving network we will fully, seamlessly integrate into Nature’s perfect system on the merit of becoming similar with it.

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