Positive Attitude

Question: Do you think having a positive or negative attitude influences the way your day goes? Answer: Absolutely! After all we don’t live in an absolute reality that is independent of us. We project reality “around us” through our egocentric, subjective filters. Thus by using positive filters, positive attitude, intention towards others, towards the world, … More Positive Attitude

Touching The Void…

Question: Why is silence so deafening sometimes? Answer: Silence is deafening when we know there should be a noise, there should be a sound, something but it does not come. It is a state when we come to a very tense breaking point, examining, evaluating the situation from all angles and we know for certain … More Touching The Void…

Controlling The Universe

Question: Could an advanced species potentially gain control over the fate of the universe? Answer: Yes, and that advanced species is destined to be Humanity. At the moment we develop into a “truly Human state” – where Human means (based on the original Hebrew expression) becoming similar to Nature’s vast system through matching qualities – … More Controlling The Universe

Our Brain As A Modem

Question: Does any individual neuron have meaning or is it just the collection of neurons that creates meaningful thoughts? Answer: The proper function of the nervous system depends on the connection in between the cells. But even the perfectly functioning system does not provide our thoughts, or our consciousness. Instead we can look at our … More Our Brain As A Modem

None As Wise As The Experienced

Question: What things in life only come with experience? Answer: All attainment, understanding comes with experience as a beautiful saying – “none as wise as the experienced” – proclaims. Our mind, intellect is secondary to our emotional impressions since we are primarily emotional creatures. And we collect emotional impressions from practical experiences, actually going through … More None As Wise As The Experienced

The Human Is The Observer Between Good & Bad

Question: Are humans naturally evil or good? Answer: Neither. We are born with an “evil”, inherently self-serving, self-justifying, hateful and subjective ego, which is causing all the developing problems in the world. But this inherent nature is not truly “evil” or “sinful” since we were born like this, we had no free choice about it. … More The Human Is The Observer Between Good & Bad

Cogwheels Getting To Know Themselves – By Annuling Themselves

Question: Have you ever understood yourself best only after destroying yourself? Answer: I would refine your definition saying, that we can understand ourselves only when we annuled ourselves. Due to our inherently egocentric, self-serving, self-justifying nature we can’t actually perceive the world as it is, neither can we get to know ourselves. In order to … More Cogwheels Getting To Know Themselves – By Annuling Themselves