Taking Fate Consciously Into Our Hands

Question: How do people move with the ebb and flow of life?

Answer: At the moment we move blindly, instinctively, being thrown from one extreme to the other like driftwood in a swift river.

Since we have no idea about the intelligent, deterministic plan of evolution, and our own assigned cogwheel role in it, we keep stumbling from one crisis, disaster to another, falling into the same mistakes, traps again and again both individually and collectively.

Thus Human history is a hapless, recurring chain of vicious cycles, we build new civilizations, systems on the ruins of the previous one until what we have built collapses in an explosion and we have to start again.

Only 70–80 years after the last such explosion we are on the path to cause another one and this time we might even wipe ourselves out completely. A global meltdown is around the corner and could be triggered at multiple locations from multiple causes.

Without purposefully, methodically studying Nature’s deterministic, intelligent plan and our own unique, individual and collective Human role in it, so we could finally fulfill our cogwheel role most optimally in the system, we will not survive either individually nor collectively.

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