Our Brain As A Modem

Question: Does any individual neuron have meaning or is it just the collection of neurons that creates meaningful thoughts?

Answer: The proper function of the nervous system depends on the connection in between the cells. But even the perfectly functioning system does not provide our thoughts, or our consciousness.

Instead we can look at our nervous system as a certain modem, connecting device that connects us to Nature’s all-encompassing system through our surrounding environment as amplifier.

Our thoughts, desires, the general software that animates, enlivens us comes from Nature’s system modulated by our environment, captured and decoded by our personal computer, mind that by default is programmed egoistically, subjectively.

This is why think, imagine that our thoughts, desires originate in us.

If we can change our innate programming and start perceiving reality “away from the self”, with selfless, altruistic intention, we can venture out of our original, introverted black box and we can trace our thoughts, desires through the surrounding environment to their source in Nature’s all-encompassing program.

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