The Power Of Human Connection

Question: What is something that you learned in your career that you would make the world a better place if everyone knew it?

Answer: Both through my medical work, and through the unique scientific wisdom I study that teaches us the most important laws, principles of Natural reality I have learned, that the single most important thing that can make the world a better place is Human interconnections.

Positive, constructive, mutually responsible and mutually complementing Human connections can make us heal faster, succeed, prosper in everything, and prevent diseases and all the calamities which befall us when we are separated from each other.

The problem is that knowing this is not enough, after all in our global world most people understand the necessity of unity, mutual cooperation. The problems is the know-how, how to built positive, sustainable connections, cooperation against the inherently self-serving, self-justifying, subjective ego – which drives all of us – that disrupts, prevents our connections, or uses connections for its selfish benefit.

Thus we need a unique, purposeful, highly practical educational method which can teach us how to build those crucially important interconnections above, against our instinctive attitude, behavior.

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