Nature’s System As Absolute Standard

Question: Without God, how do you determine what is good and what is bad?

Answer: Without “God” – that we know nothing about, can’t reach, attain or research – we have to take the “next best thing”, something that is closest to perfection from our viewpoint: Nature’s perfect, deterministic and lawful system.

Even without assuming an “intelligent source” creating Nature’s system it is safe to presume, that after 14 billions of years or so the system had enough time, enough trial and error processes, a constantly refining evolutionary process to perfect itself.

So we can take the laws of Nature and we can try to apply to them to our life, to Human society.

Of course in order to read Nature and its laws properly, first we would need to change our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egoistic and subjective point of view, so we could research and attain Nature’s system and its laws objectively, “as they are”, without any subjective, self-serving calculations.

This is exactly what unique, original, empirical Natural scientists – called Kabbalists – have done.

And the most important law they have defined for building Human life on solid foundations is the well-known principle of “Love your neighbor as yourself”.

Most of us would consider this principle as mysticism, religious dogma, or perhaps some catchy “New Age” slogan. But it’s none of those.

Instead it is a poetic, symbolic description of Nature’s most important law for sustaining balance and homeostasis – without which life, optimal development can’t exist – applied to Human connections.

Through the selfless, unconditionally serving, loving connections this law describes we can also acquire a perfect, selfless, objective point of view. And through that viewpoint we will also become able to research and attain Nature’s perfect, “godly” system and understand its laws, and the absolute standards of good vs bad.

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