Solving Problems From Higher Mindset

Question: What is the understanding in problems for knowing how to solve them?

Answer: Einstein said famously, that problems cannot be solved fro within the same mindset that they were caused from. Thus in order to understand and solve problems we need to rise to a more advanced, higher mindset, and then “looking back” we will be able to understand what happened and find the solution for it.

Most – if not all – of our problems are caused by our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egocentric and subjective mindset. If we could generate a selfless, objective collective intelligence then we could easily understand and solve the problems we caused with our narrow, introverted logic.

Fortunately we have the perfect, practical method for building such a collective intelligence. In a unique, purposefully organized workshop, round table discussion we can connect the individual thoughts, logic of the participants and without erasing, oppressing those individual angles, opinions we can build a new, mutual, composite opinion, solution that did not exist in any of the participants below by following the unique rules of the workshop method.

We Must Rise To A Higher Level Of Consciousness To Solve Our Problems |

The Collective Intelligence: Levels Of Revelation |

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