How To Avoid A Global Collapse?!

Question: What are your thoughts on collapsology?

Answer: I think it is completely logical.

If we take our rosy glasses off and remove the constantly applied “make-up”on how our societies, our whole civilization fares, we can easily see that we are inevitably sleepwalking towards a global meltdown that could be triggered from multiple different causes – like climate change, geopolitical conflicts, pollution, over-population, antibiotic resistance, societal breakdown, riots due to growing inequality, unsolved immigration problems, etc…

The problem with collapsology – as far I could ascertain – is that it describes the worrying situation but it cannot offer a practical solution. And this is not surprising. Apart from accepting that our future is likely doomed even in our own generation, it is even more difficult to accept that the only root cause that would need remedy is our own inherently selfish, egotistic, hateful and greedy nature.

We would be ready to change, uproot, replace anything but we are not willing to change ourselves.

So we are standing at very fragile crossroads. We know we are in trouble, we also what is causing it. Are we willing to take the “bitter pill” and start changing ourselves?!

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