To Be Or Not To Be, In The Global, Integral World?!

Question: What does “to be or not to be” actually signify in today’s world? Answer: In today’s fully integrated and interdependent global world this expression has a very significant meaning. We are all born with an inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egocentric and subjective nature. This nature is completely incompatible with existence in a fully integrated Natural … More To Be Or Not To Be, In The Global, Integral World?!

Selfless – When The Self Is Totally Annulled

Question: How do you define selfless behavior? Answer: The definition is in the “name” – selfless. It is a state where the “self” does not exist any longer, it is a completely unconditional service, love, care for another where the provider disappears, remains unknown, doesn’t receive any recognition, reward, feedback for giving everything possible to … More Selfless – When The Self Is Totally Annulled


Question: What happens when fate has other plans? Answer: When fate has other plans it is better to learn the plan of fate and adjust our own desires, plans accordingly! We live in a fully deterministic, lawful Natural system with a very precise, intelligent evolutionary plan. Thus plan contains a very specific, unique individual and … More Fateful

The Goal Of Human Life

Question: What is the real goal of human life and how is it achieved? Answer: The real goal, purpose of Human life is to actually become Human, to find our unique individual and collective Human “cogwheel role” in Nature’s perfect evolutionary system. Human means similar (from its original Hebrew translation: Adam – domeh). WE have … More The Goal Of Human Life

Fearing For Others

Question: Do humans like fear? Answer: Fear is an instinctive reaction to danger of losing something (our life, health, material possessions, loved ones, losing out on something…). We should love fear as it is the strongest motivating factor. Other animals also fear, it is part of the general survival reflex. But we Humans have the … More Fearing For Others

Cogwheels Getting To Know Themselves – By Annuling Themselves

Question: Have you ever understood yourself best only after destroying yourself? Answer: I would refine your definition saying, that we can understand ourselves only when we annuled ourselves. Due to our inherently egocentric, self-serving, self-justifying nature we can’t actually perceive the world as it is, neither can we get to know ourselves. In order to … More Cogwheels Getting To Know Themselves – By Annuling Themselves

Learning To Harness Capitalism, Nationalism

Question: Capitalism demands nationalism. What do you think? Is it making sense to you? Answer: I don’t that it is a cause and effect connection. But both originate from our inherently proud, individualistic, egocentric, self-justifying nature. Capitalism is based on the egotistic truth of “what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is yours” (but if I … More Learning To Harness Capitalism, Nationalism

Purpose: Reconnection!

Question: Can you tell me a story to make me understand the purpose of life? Answer: Imagine a solitary cogwheel disconnected from a magnificent, perfect, “perpetum mobile” machine that encompasses everything. How would the cogwheel feel, exist? Imagine a single cell that has been extracted from a perfect, eternal body that can observe and attain … More Purpose: Reconnection!