Learning To Harness Capitalism, Nationalism

Question: Capitalism demands nationalism. What do you think? Is it making sense to you?

Answer: I don’t that it is a cause and effect connection. But both originate from our inherently proud, individualistic, egocentric, self-justifying nature.

Capitalism is based on the egotistic truth of “what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is yours” (but if I am more capable, more clever, shrewd, then I will take from you what’s yours…).

Nationalism is based on a very strong innate individual and national identity that’s impossible to suppress, erase – as we can observe from the elemental nationalistic rebound reaction to the liberal attempts to erase individual, national identity all over the world.

The solution is not in trying to coercively suppress, erase our inherent nature with different ideologies, systems – as history taught us.

The solution is the right education that helps us understand who we are, what forces, desires, intentions drive us. This education can also teach us how to use, harness our innate nationalism, capitalistic inclination for positive, constructive purposes – amassing profit for the whole collective and proudly using, utilizing our individual, national uniqueness in a mutually complementing manner.

Then we will see how we CAN build unity, mutually responsible, mutually complementing cooperation between us our problem solving ability, survival depends on.

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