Good Deeds Leading To Happiness

Question: Is happiness an inherent natural capital or just a happy feeling factored in by human beings and human desire?

Answer: As wise sages noted, “happiness is the consequence of good actions”. And this has a very firm basis in Natural science.

Happiness, contentment is a sense of perfect balance, homeostasis, when the “feeler”, observer achieved this perfect balance, homeostasis with the surrounding environment. This state is the purpose, “blissful” state of any closed, integral Natural system, where due to the interaction of myriads of diverse, seemingly incompatible parts, elements such balance is very fragile and is very sensitively governed, brought about.

Our Human happiness is the result of our own balance, homeostasis with our environment, which on the Human level means the Human society, or at least the immediate surrounding circle around each of us. In other words true Human happiness means building the “perfect”, positive, mutually responsible and mutually complementing interconnections with people we are in contact with. These are the “good actions” that lead to happiness.

The individual happiness we keep chasing by fulfilling our own, selfish, egocentric needs, pleasures is an illusion. It might fulfill us temporarily and bring us a sense of balance on an “animate”, bodily level, but it cannot satisfy us on the “Human” level. True, lasting, Human happiness is what we start to feel “circulating” in those above mentioned Human connections, which happiness is not individual. Instead we start to feel a unique sense of life, love streaming through us towards others, which is in fact the unique, unprecedented sensation of Nature’s developing force that gives us life and sustains life.

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