Faith In Humanity

Question: What is something that happened to you personally that helped restore your faith in humanity?

Answer: It was not a specific event, occasion that restored my faith in Humanity. It is the special, scientific Wisdom that I am studying that examines, researches Human nature in contrast to Nature’s perfect, inherently balanced system – that restored this faith.

This science teaches that up to this point Humanity did not have free choice in its action. We have been going through history’s recurring vicious cycles by blindly following our inherently selfish, hateful and greedy egos, which ego we received from evolution thus we did not have any free choice about it.

Humanity’s true test, the era of free choice, the last, conscious phase of Human development starts in our generation. Thus any judgement about ourselves, “reward and punishment” also starts only today.

Only when we have recognized without any doubt that our inherent ego – which drives each and every Human being – stands behind all the problems we encounter, and we also reveal and accept the unique, purposeful and practical method of correction can we be taken seriously.

Thus we have everything in our hands today – the recognition of our own “evil” nature and the method which can change, upgrade us – in order to justify our Human uniqueness, the evolutionary expectation that we becomes the “Crowns of Creation”.

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