Building Connections

Question: What are some simple ways to connect with your fellow humans? Answer: Although making connections seems simple – especially with the advent of social media where many of us have thousands of “friends” – making true, positive, sustainable connections is actually very difficult. It is easy to “meet” when it fits us, when the … More Building Connections

Touching The Void…

Question: Why is silence so deafening sometimes? Answer: Silence is deafening when we know there should be a noise, there should be a sound, something but it does not come. It is a state when we come to a very tense breaking point, examining, evaluating the situation from all angles and we know for certain … More Touching The Void…

The World In Crisis

Question: Is the world in crisis and need of change to find peace? Answer: Yes the world is very much in crisis and we need fundamental changes in order to find peace and survive. We are continuously sinking into a seemingly unsolvable global crisis, which encompasses all levels of Human activity. We are in crisis … More The World In Crisis

It’s Never Pointless To Try To Change Upgrade Ourselves!

Question: Do you ever feel like making an effort in life is pointless as we are close to extinction? Answer: I agree with you that if we do not make significant, fundamental changes we are going to become extinct either in this or in the next generation. After all – as a result of our … More It’s Never Pointless To Try To Change Upgrade Ourselves!