Obligatory Unity

Question: Can you conceive of a situation where all humanity would be united? Answer: Yes, very much so. Moreover it is what Natural evolution demands from us, otherwise we will not survive due to our incompatibility with Nature’s fully integrated system. The question – and our free choice – relates only to the manner how … More Obligatory Unity

A Bright Future

Question: As for your individual fields of expertise and personal opinion. What are your thoughts of humanity in the future? Answer: First of all Humanity’s future is bright, as our future role, purpose in Nature’s perfect system is predetermined by Nature’s intelligent, deterministic evolutionary plan. We have to reach our role as “crowns of evolution” … More A Bright Future

The Human Condition

Question: Who invented the human condition? Answer: It was Nature’s evolution. After all we are all born with an inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egoistic and subjective nature. It is this nature that drives us towards inevitable, ruthless and exclusive competition for resources and survival, succeeding at the expense of others. This was a purposeful “act” from … More The Human Condition

Destined To Succeed

Question: Are humans designed to succeed or fail? Answer: Overall Humanity is designed to succeed, in fact our collective success, us reaching our unique, perfect, individual and collective goal, purpose in existence is pre-programmed into Nature’s evolutionary plan. On the other hand the plan is set up in a way that we won’t receive this … More Destined To Succeed

Building Connections

Question: What are some simple ways to connect with your fellow humans? Answer: Although making connections seems simple – especially with the advent of social media where many of us have thousands of “friends” – making true, positive, sustainable connections is actually very difficult. It is easy to “meet” when it fits us, when the … More Building Connections