Attaining Nature’s Perfect Goodness

Question: What is perfect goodness? Is there an example of such a thing?

Answer: The only example, template of “perfect goodness” we have in this world is Nature’s perfect, mutually integrated, totally interdependent system with its “circle of life”.

We can observe this “goodness” even within our own biological bodies, how extremely diverse, seemingly incompatible cells, organs, subsystems – together with the cloud-like microbiome – comprise a single, conscious, healthy organism.

Our purpose in life is to become “Human beings” – similar (according to the Hebrew translation of Human-Adam that originates from the expression domeh-similar) – in other words we have to become similar in qualities to Nature’s perfectly “good and benevolent” system.

And this will unfold when we learn – through a unique, purposeful and methodical education – how the inherently egocentric, subjective, ruthlessly competitive, cancer-like individual people can integrate, interconnect to build a single, fully united Human “super-organism”.

Then with our qualitatively much higher, collective intelligence, consciousness will be able to see and justify Nature’s perfect goodness since we ourselves have become like it.

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