Remembering “Primordial” Memories

Question: Are we our memories?

Answer: Actually we are the “memories” that we reveal, which memories (Reshimot – impressions) have been implanted in us from before we were born.

Contrary to our proud, individualistic belief in personal freedom, freedom of action, individual decisions, our Human purpose in life is to become conscious, consenting observers of a unique chain of events, frames from a special 3D movie, cause and effect states that are predetermined.

How we experience, live through this movie depends on the level of our consciousness, willing participation in the process.

The “implanted memories”, scenarios, scenes from the movie will keep appearing according to the original plan we do not know yet, and everything depends on how we react, how we play our our assigned part, role in it.

By default each new scene reaches us as a shock and we blindly, instinctively react according to our inherent, 100% egocentric “pleasure/pain” calculations.

But with the help of a very special, purposeful educational method we can gradually get to know, attain the plan. We can start to consciously prepare for each new state so when they arrive we are already prepared as actors who know their roles by heart.

Then instead of the previously unconscious path of development, constantly pushing us forwards as a result of intolerable states, crisis situations we can take the whole process into our own hands, inviting each new state on us well prepared, hastening and “sweetening” the whole development, consciously becoming Humans – attaining the original plan and our role in it to such an extent that we will tangible, realistically feel as if we ourselves designed and created reality, the whole Universe.

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