Useful, Objective Intuition

Question: How do I Intuit objectively (without weighing an idea more favorably just because it’s mine)?

Answer: Since we are born with an inherently egocentric, subjective nature, consciousness, perception, in order to “intuit” objectively first of all we need to escape our selfish, introverted cocoons.

In order to do so we need a unique tool, method which allows us to acquire a truly objective viewpoint outside of the self, which can be achieved only through the viewpoints of others.

Thus the best way to “intuit” is through a specifically conducted workshop, round table discussion with others who are also aimed, committed to achieving a selfless, objective point of view.

Then such a workshop can generate a qualitatively much higher, collective, composite opinion, idea, intuition, providing a solution, new idea that did not exist in any of the individual participants beforehand.

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