Living In Lawful, Natural System

Question: Why is God always teaching us lessons the hard way? Also, who is to blame?

Answer: Let’s assume there is a single force, or a set of laws that determines our lives – actually this is the situation, since we live in a closed, Natural system that is governed by absolute, unbending laws, some of it which already know, some of it we don’t.

So when we run into problems because either we don’t know those laws, our decide “we know better” and we create our own, artificial, egocentric, self-serving laws, and as a result we suffer blows, misfortune, who is to blame?!

Moreover we could even say that our failures, blows are necessary part of our evolutionary development in learning those laws and finally accepting them as absolute.

Failures, unsuccessful attempts are just as much part of the process as successes. Without them we would never have the necessary contrast, comparative research for true, objective perception, attainment.

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