The Thinking Cogwheel

Question: Have you ever had a random thought that changed your whole life?

Answer: That my life is not “mine”. That I exist in a fully integrated and interdependent system, where the whole system determines at every moment who I am, what I am doing, what is expected from me, what my thoughts, desires, aspirations, actions are, will be and that I have to serve this system unconditionally regardless of my consent.

This revelation can act on us in two ways. It can crush us, pulverize so we try “escaping” through some trick, ignoring reality and running into the freely available “mind-numbing” substances or overwhelming “circus and bread” entertainment, media overload, until reality inevitably shows us again the real, “cogwheel” state of our being.

Or we can find this global, integral existence the greatest, most uplifting freedom, becoming detached from our “selves”, from the constant self-concern, self-service, self-protection, freely roaming in an infinite, eternal “quantum system” above any physical, subjective restrictions.

It all the depends on the preparation, on the manner of revealing our inevitable interconnections, whether it comes through increasing suffering, intolerable pain or it comes from willing, proactive, conscious research, self-adaptation.

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