Mutual Responsibility

Question: What are some things that you were never told about being an adult?

Answer: I think the most obvious one must be responsibility.

We are never told about the responsibility that comes with being an “adult/grown up”. And I am not even sure we know what being an “adult/grown up” means.

Being a responsible adult comes from the moment when we start to understand that we don’t exist in isolation, we can’t separate ourselves from others. It dawns on us when we build a family, have children, when we start working. We sense tangibly from now on, that I don’t have a life on my own, my parents, family won’t be able to solve my problems automatically, but the buck stops with me. (And of course there are professions, family situations where this weight of responsibility is felt much more directly, sharply)

Today this responsibility gained an additional, deeper level. In a globally integrated, fully interdependent system we have all become like a single “family”, being directly responsible for one another on a global scale.

Thus we urgently need a new education, upbringing to prepare all of us for this unavoidable responsibility in order to become skillful in solving problems and to survive together.

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