Being Softened To Be Sculpted…

Question: Would you say that experiencing traumas or tragedy repeatedly in life can create a healthy perception about existence if applied wisely to nihilistic thoughts or cycles?

Answer: It is true that repeated traumas, tragedies can soften our inherently proud, egoistic, insolent nature. We can actually watch this “softening”, “humbling” unfolding on a mass scale all over Humanity as a result of the recurring, vicious cycles comprising our history so far. Today’s crisis is the most painful as we failed in using the seemingly most optimal Human ideology/system: liberal democracy and free market economy. Even such nice sounding paradigm was distorted and corrupted by the inherent ego that drives all of us.

But if apply a unique, new education, “propaganda” at the same time of this “self-humiliation” we should not experience it as defeat, or descend into nihilistic thoughts about our existence.

Wise, empirical, natural scientists who researched and unveiled all the fundamental laws of Nature and understood evolution’s intelligent plan tell us that this “softening/humiliation” of the original Human ego is necessary in order to propel us towards a qualitatively higher, effortless, altruistic and collective existence, where we can unlock and use Nature’s infinite potential, perfect bounty.

And in order to truly perceive, appreciate, validate the perfection of that “higher”, altruistic, collective state, we have to go through the despair, helplessness, humiliation of the original egoistic, self-serving development leading to the unsolvable crisis. Only from sharp contrast can we see the truth. This is true both individually and collectively on Humanity’s level.

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