Seeing Reality Through The Eyes Of Others

Question: Would one of the hardest lessons for a good person to learn in life, not to expect others act as you would? Why or why not?

Answer: The answer is a resounding “yes”, and I also agree that this is one of the hardest lessons.

By default we all perceive reality in a completely introverted, subjective manner driven by our inherently egoistic, self-serving and self-justifying nature. Thus we all expect others to behave as it fits our limited, egoistically distorted viewpoint, and criticize, judge them each time they do not act as we expect them.

The “remedy” is making true, committed attempts in a suitable, purposeful, mutually committed environment, to start seeing reality through the eyes of others, to try to replace the inherently egoistic reason, desires with the reason and desires of others. And this is almost a “mission impossible” since we need to act against, above the matter, nature we are born with: our self-protective ego.

Thus we need a unique laboratory with the authentic, purposeful and practical educational method to make such a “supernatural” attempt successful.

But when we succeed we become truly “good persons”, those who can exist outside of the self, unconditionally serving and loving others above and despite the ego, attaining complete reality within the contrast.

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