Becoming Human

Question: What one thing could you do every day to be a better human being?

Answer: For that first we need to examine what it means to be a “Human being”. Based on its Hebrew version, Adam, the word originates from the expression “similar” (domeh in Hebrew). A Human being is a “creature” that becomes similar to source that created it.

To translate it to our language, we are born from, evolved from Nature’s vast, cosmic system. Still through our inherently egoistic, hateful and greedy nature (which we also received from Nature) we have disconnected from the intricately interconnected, fully integrated and interdependent natural system. We have become opposite to it in our inherent qualities.

Moreover Human evolution so far equals the evolution, intensification of the Ego, separating us from each other and Humanity from Nature to the maximum extent. We are the most broken, “unnatural” state today as we are sinking into a seemingly unsolvable global crisis, when evolution locked us into a global, fully integrated world but our ego resists, wants to break free.

This is where the true, conscious phase of Human evolution starts where we are expected to rise above our instinctive nature and develop a new, “natural”/altruistic nature above the ego. Then through this new, consciously, proactively developed altruistic cover we become similar to Nature, facilitating our mutual, collective integration in it.

The being that integrates within Humanity and helps Humanity’s integration in Nature by the merit of being similar to altruistic Nature is the “Human being”. And since we start from the initially disconnected, broken, opposite state we retain full consiousness of that integration, being fully aware of its perfection.

What can we do every day to become like that? We need to study and practice the authentic, purposeful educational method that can help us rise above the instinctively egoistic human nature in order to become similar to nature’s system.

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