Question: What do you think of the unlucky things that happened in your life?

Answer: I used to regret them, thinking all the time “What if…?”, if there was any way to go back in time to prevent them, correct them in advance.

But since I started to study a scientific method that helps us reveal and understand Nature’s complete system with its plan of development, tracing all cause and effect processes, I started to understand that there are no accidental, surplus things, events in this perfect system.

Everything that happened to us – regardless of how we ourselves judge them according to our egocentric, subjective perception – happened in order to bring us to the present moment, so we could make the best possible choice regarding the future.

We have to develop a completely new attitude towards the “past”, towards everything that happened and is happening to us. We have to constantly look ahead, standing on the past and present, using everything we already experienced in order to try predicting, executing the possibly most optimal next step, direction towards an overall, final, perfect goal.

This aiming, prediction is much more accurate, “foolproof” if we do not do it alone, but we use the “focusing, aiming device” of a purposeful, mutually responsible and mutually complementing environment. Only such an environment can stabilize the final, perfect goal, make it constantly more important than anything else, holding us on the right, narrow path.

Then we will start determining our own luck…

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