Becoming Human

Question: Given a chance, who would you want to be?

Answer: Given a chance I would like to be a “Human being”. It is not as straightforward as we think. And we are given a chance but we haven’t taken it.

By default we are not “Human” but, let us say “humanoid”. We are hardly above the animate degree we evolved from, since we are simply, blindly, instinctively follow the program installed in us, automatically chasing the original “animate” (food, sex, family) and “social” (wealth, power/fame, knowledge) desires in order to secure a day to day survival in between involuntary birth and death.

A “Human” being is a creature that can become independent of such instinctive existence, consciously, proactively thriving, making efforts towards researching the system of reality – not in order to grab, exploit everything possible as usual, but with a new intention.

A “Human” wants to know the system and its evolutionary plan in order to understand and fulfill one’s own predetermined role, purpose in it. And we want to do that only in order to partner Nature’s system in completing its perfection, not for any other selfish calculations.

By this we become like the overall, guiding principle of Nature through the intention of existing, living only to restore and justify the whole system’s perfection. This similarity merits the name “Human” (its original version Adam omes from the Hebrew expression “similar”).

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