Burning Question

Question: What is one burning question that you have about life and death?

Answer: I have a lot of burning questions. These questions mainly concern the time in between birth and death, as at least for the moment there is not much we can do about the two “end-points”.

The most important burning question I have is that seemingly most of us are satisfied with living life instinctively, blindly following our “engraved” animate (food,sex,family) and social (wealth, power/fame, knowledge) desires, focusing on day to day survival until the inevitable end arrives.

We do not wonder why on earth we were also given a very unique Human mind that has the ability to ponder about “meaning of life”, “Human purpose in existence”, a mind that is capable of critical self-assessment, can initiate self-change? Even if we consider natural evolution random, it seems like a cruel mistake or joke to give Human beings this potential capability without providing answers, practical application.

After all Nature’s system seems perfect around Humanity, how on earth did we evolve with such a self-destructive nature, with such wasteful, pointless intelligence?! And those who try putting the blame on us, calling Human nature “evil/sinful” are foolish, how could we be blamed for a nature, traits we were born with, we had no free choice about?!

Thus I think we need a unique educational method, that is capable of giving us the “laboratory” – special environment – and the tools, method to explore and open our truly Human potential, researching ourselves and the natural system we exist in, trying to solve the contradictions, finding our perfect, unique, Human complementary role in it.

These are some of the questions burning in me about life. Perhaps we can ponder about death when we already figured out life…

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