Happiness Above Sadness

Question: Would you rather live a short life filled with only insane levels of happiness or have those happy moments combined with sad moments over a normal lifetime?

Answer: Our senses, perception of reality work on contrast, comparative research. We can’t discern what sweet is without tasting also bitter, we can’t comprehend what love is without experiencing hate also.

If we existed only in perfection, happiness we could never actually feel, justify that it was truly perfection, happiness since we would have nothing to compare it against.

This is the magnificent uniqueness of Human beings. Animals and all other elements of the natural system live in perfection, instinctively integrated in the “circle of life”. They never leave the “mother’s womb”, they never experience separation from the system, they were never “chased out of Eden”. Thus they have no conscious comprehension of the utter perfection of Nature’s system, since they never experienced anything else.

It is only us – with the help of the hateful, greedy Human ego – that were ejected from Nature’s perfect system, living in this dark, egoistic, Human world which is heading towards self-destruction. Now from this lowly state we are given the chance to consciously “return to Eden”, to keep correcting, upgrading ourselves until – through selfless integration with one another, by the achieved similarity – Humanity will be able to reintegrate into Nature.

Then because we do it against, above the ego, since we already sensed separation, hatred, destruction, we will be able to fully appreciate, enjoy, taste and justify the perfection of the reality we exist in.

So in short we need to combine “insane” happiness with equally “insane” unhappiness. Then above infinite hatred we will reveal and taste infinite love, perfection.

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