Free Choice In A Predetermined Reality

Question: Do you believe in fate, freewill, or both? If so, what percentage do they play in your life?

Answer: I believe in both.

We exist in a closed, fully determined natural Universe, which is governed and driven by a precise, unchanging, relentless plan of evolution, that also has “engraved” individual and collective role for all of us.

We don’t have free will about the stages of life we are going through and we don’t have free will about our final role. But we can choose the manner how we go through the obligatory “educational” process, we can change our viewpoint, attitude toward it.

This free choice about attitude, viewpoint makes a whole world of difference, or changes whether we feel ourselves in “hell vs heaven”, despair our joy, whether we sense existence in this limited, dark, suffering filled world or in eternal perfection.

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