The Supporters

Question: Who is rooting for you and why? Does it make a difference in your life? Why does it matter?

Answer: I have my family and lot of friends who are rooting for me. And this is very important as without a mutually supportive, mutually complementing, purposeful environment we can’t survive in life.

It is our immediate or extended environment that supplies us with values, aspirations, goals and the support and tools to reach those aspirations, goals. It is the environment that can help us get up after failures, to overcome emptiness, depression, lack of inspiration. And only the environment can give us the sense of usefulness, where we can reciprocate all the support inspiration we received from others.

Life cannot be lived without such mutual, reciprocal give and take of forces, energy. True love and true happiness is the circulation of such positive energy within the perfect network of Human connections.

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