Finding The Best Place For Jolly Joker

Question: How do you figure out what your calling is in life if you feel pretty equally overwhelmingly passionate about everything?

Answer: That is a very lucky, “blessed” state to be, like having a Jolly Joker in the hand while playing cards. But just like the card game we always have to find the best use of the Jolly Joker, we always have to see the right combination of other cards the Jolly Joker can best complement.

We do not exist alone, in isolation, but we exist in a fully integrated and interdependent world, whether we look at it at small, local, or greater, global level. Thus in order to know the “calling in your life” you need to examine your chosen environment, how you can complement, improve that environment with your skill set and passion.

I am sure any environment would be happy to embrace and use such a multi-skilled, passionate “virtuoso”!

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