After Death…

Question: What do you believe happens to you after you die? (Not what is believed by others). I was hoping for creative ideas, interesting personal beliefs. Obviously the body decays and blah blah blah. Put some creativity in your answers.

Answer: As they say, everything depends on the preparation. One could ask, “How on earth can we prepare ourselves for death that alters what happens after?!”

We can prepare a unique, qualitatively higher level of consciousness, perception of reality – while we are still alive in this finite biological body with its perception and limited consciousness – so when the body inevitably passes away, taking its consciousness and perception with it, we still sense existence through this new, previously prepared “sensory organ”.

Most people would cry out “This is rubbish! Can you prove this?!”

Yes and no.

I can’t prove it to you, or anybody else, I can’t convince you that it is possible, I cannot give you a new belief or dogma. But I can point the way towards a realistic, scientific method, where one can in a tangible, repeatable manner develop this realistic, new consciousness and perception of reality, which can carry us forward, providing us with a sense of infinite and eternal existence after our biological body dies.

Then you can prove it for yourself. As they say, “the proof of the pudding is tasting it”.

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