What Happens To The Soul After Death?

Many suggest that our life is defined by our fear of death. It’s not surprising that Human history, culture, sciences are dominated by our desperate attempts to “stay alive forever”.

In modern sciences we try achieving eternity by prolonging the life of our physical bodies, or at least the function of our mind infinitely. Religions, spiritual practices try accessing infinity through the “mysterious” concept of the “soul”.

But is there a scientific method that explains what this “soul” is, where it is while we are alive, that explains what happens to the “soul” after death?

There have been many scientific studies focusing on “near death” experiences, focusing on personal impressions gained from the state of clinical death. Most of those experiences, impressions describe a certain liberation, disconnection from the physical body, as if our consciousness could freely “float away” from physical existence and then live on.

But many discredit those findings as purely psychological, or already predetermined by our already implanted preconceptions about death, and what might await for us beyond.

Moreover since those people who are investigated in these studies returned to “normal”, physical life, lost their “out of body” perception, this further, comparative studies, contrasting the “beyond death” state to our “alive state” is not possible.

But what if actually there is a science that can give us the tools and the “laboratory conditions” to access, stabilize the “real soul” – a tangible, realistic window, gateway to another, truly infinite and eternal dimension of reality?

What if there is a practical method that can provide anybody willing with repeatable, scientifically verifiable conclusions about the “soul” and through it providing research and attainment about that eternal reality through a new, qualitatively higher consciousness, perception of reality?

Moreover this science could give us the opportunity for comparative research, giving us access to the “soul” and the new dimension while we are still live in our present biological bodies that senses “this world”.

This science then could finally sooth, solve our greatest dread in life, our fear of death, reassuring us that we can hold onto our most precious possession: our conscious existence.

This scientific method can give us a true separation in between “spiritual” consciousness, perception (through the soul as a new sensory organ); and the usual consciousness and perception that we gain through our five physical senses (similarly to the “near death” experiences).
And then even when the inevitable passing of our physical body arrives, the acquired “spiritual” consciousness, perception carries us forward infinitely, as the “real soul” truly lives on after physical death.

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