Version Of Truth

Question: What is your own point of view of what is truth?

Answer: I do not know if you have seen the film “Cloud Atlas” but it is full of beautiful thoughts, “sayings”, one of them was: “There are no versions of truth, truth is singular, version of truth is untruth”.

Thus there is no “own point of view of truth”, although you are right, inherently we are only capable of seeing our own version, viewpoint. We are all born with an inevitably self-centered, self-justifying and subjective perception, point of view. Everything we detect, see, examine is biased towards our own “pleasure/pain” calculations.

In order to come to sense, justify “truth as it is”, to have a selfless, transparent and objective viewpoint, we need a unique, purposeful educational method that can enable us to exit our inherently selfish, subjective cocoons and perceive, experience reality “outside of ourselves”, by seeing the world altruistically, through the eyes of others.

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