Focus On What’s The Purpose

Question: According to your experience in life, what are the things that worry us the most but which in reality have little or no importance and which make us waste time, energy and pollute our lives?

Answer: I apologize in advance, but instead of answering the question about what we should not waste our time directly, I tell you what we should put our efforts into.

At the moment we still exist in the illusion, that in this physical, corporeal life we have freedom of action, we can make decisions and at least to a certain extent we are ruling over our destiny.

But this is not so.

At this “ground” level of existence everything is prearranged, determined in advance. We think, desire and act according to engraved instincts, hormonal processes. We are simply executing a software that is pre-installed in us and there is nothing we can change in that.

At this “passive action” level of reality we are like computer screens, simply displaying processes, actions that are unfolding behind the screen, behind the scenes. Thus efforting to change these processes, trying to manipulate, change them is futile and we are simply acting like cogwheeels that want to refuse to turn and work as it is defined and obligated by the vast system and its evolutionary plan. By this futile, stubborn, egocentric resistance we are causing all the great, now global problems in our lives

What we should be focusing on instead is trying to reveal and understand the whole system in its totality, trying to map its intelligent evolutionary plan, which determines all the cause and effect processes including our own unique individual and Humanity’s collective role, purpose in the system.

Thus when a question about “meaning of life”, “purpose in life” awakens we must not ignore, suppress it, but we should to take this “invitation” from Nature’s evolution in order to enter the system, go behind the screen and start revealing the system with our role in it.

The rest of our life will continue unfolding and our “unconscious”, instinctive “humanoid” part will continue going through the motions. But the newborn and developing “Human being” in us will start understanding what and why is unfolding and how it leads to a true “Happy Ending”, and how we can assist in facilitating it.

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