Changing Perspective

Question: How do you change your persepective and see your life situation in a new way, and not get caught in the current on going drama in your life? Answer: In order to change our perspective and look at life differently – in an objective way instead of our inherently subjective viewpoint – first of … More Changing Perspective

Listening To Others In Order To Escape Ourselves

Question: How important is it to listen to others? Answer: It is very important. We have to reach a state where we start perceiving reality through the desires, needs, viewpoints of others in order to escape our inherently egocentric, self-serving, self-justifying and subjective cocoons. Only through others can we escape from our “selves” and thus … More Listening To Others In Order To Escape Ourselves

Good Listening

Question: When does “listening” really matter? Answer: Listening really matters when we listen with the intention to hear and feel. Listening becomes useful when we listen with a true intent, wanting to sense, taste the desires, needs and viewpoints of others. Through such a purposeful listening we can actually penetrate into those desires, needs and … More Good Listening

Fascinating Insight – Seeing Reality Through Others

Question: What is the most fascinating insight you have discovered in your life so far and why? How do your nihilistic tendencies make you feel about this insight? Answer: The most fascinating insight I have discovered so far is that in moments, when I can forget about myself, and can focus solely on others, trying … More Fascinating Insight – Seeing Reality Through Others