Changing Perspective

Question: How do you change your persepective and see your life situation in a new way, and not get caught in the current on going drama in your life?

Answer: In order to change our perspective and look at life differently – in an objective way instead of our inherently subjective viewpoint – first of all we have to escape our instinctively self-serving, self-justifying, introverted egoistic cocoons.

In order to escape ourselves we have to escape somewhere, and this “somewhere” outside of the self can happen only by escaping “into others”. We can develop a unique, unprecedented “out of body” observer point by methodically clothing into the desires, needs and viewpoints of others which at the end liberates us from our own egocentric, subjective perspective.

Then we can finally see how insignificant those “dramas” were and how easy it is to solve them when we are not attached to them any longer, but see them “from above”.

This works only if such unique, “supernatural” – above instinctive nature – attempts are made mutually in a special, committed, purposeful environment.

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