Single Spiritual System

Question: Which book should I refer for spiritual knowledge?

Answer: I do not think there is such a single book. It is true that “spiritual reality” – actually the true reality we can attain above this egocentric, subjective “Matrix” we are born into – is single, indivisible.

But as each Human being, nation, culture is unique, it is also unique how special, empirical scientists – who revealed, understood the true, Natural dimension – described it to those who they wanted to teach, help to attain what they have attained.

As I have learned for example the very original writings of Hinduism are almost identical to the original writings of Kabbalah, and I am such similarities can also be found with Sufism and Christian writings.

As wise people say, “each studies where one’s heart is”, the only question is if the person has a true desire to research, attain spirituality above the instinctive physical consciousness and perception here and now, while one still continues ti live in this life as usual and developing a second, qualitatively very different and much higher collective consciousness, perception with like-minded others.

The special spiritual consciousness, perception is unattainable alone as Nature’s system itself – we want to explore from within – is also fully integrated and interdependent thus only a collective consciousness is capable of grasping it.

This is the next state of Human evolution, for us to acquire such mutual consciousness, perception.

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