Common “Ikigai”

Question: Must your Ikigai be something the world needs?

Answer: First of all thank you for teaching me a new word, concept as I had no idea what Ikigai was before.

I do believe that our personal Ikigai has to be something the world needs. After all we have evolved into a fully integrated and interdependent world, where we can’t even move a finger or breath without influencing everybody else. We are intricately interconnected both “horizontally” – in our present generation – and “longitudinally” – linked all past and future generations.

As the young protagonist lady in the movie “Cloud Atlas” beautifully expressed, “Our life is not our own…”

This is why our Ikigai, purpose is not something we need to invent. It is already assigned to us in Nature’s deterministic, intelligent evolutionary plan. Our meaning in life is to find and fulfill our unique, individual, Human cogwheel role in reality.

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