Hardwired For Happiness

Question: How much do you value happiness?

Answer: I value happiness as the most important notion, the purpose of our existence. We are “hardwired” to constantly search for, work for reaching happiness. Moreover in our “Human software” we are programmed in a way that we cannot find rest, satisfaction until we reach perfect, infinite happiness.

This is why our generation goes through a terrible, all-encompassing crisis, sense of emptiness, increasing depression, as this unique Human yearning for perfect, infinite happiness is fully developed, while our ability to reach it is lacking. And this enormous, unfulfilled, insatiable yearning literally kills us.

Thus before we completely self-consume ourselves we urgently need a purposeful, practical educational method that can teach us how to work for, receive happiness in an unlimited, unblemished way.

If through this education we learn and understand that our guaranteed evolutionary goal is reaching perfect, infinite Happiness, and that there is a purposeful, methodical way of reaching out, that itself already will make us happier.

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