Going Behind The Scenes…

Question: What is one thing you wish you had known before making a huge decision in your life?

Answer: I am not sure how “useful” it is to know, but sooner or later we have to reveal that we are actually not “making any decisions” but all the decisions are made, prearranged for us. We are simply playing out, executing a plan that spans from the “beginning of time” till a final, guaranteed perfect state.

Our task is not about making decisions, choices, but to understand why those choices, decisions have been pre-arranged exactly as they were. Thus while executing everything as planned we need to start searching for the “thought”, evolutionary plan”, purpose behind everything.

It is a vast, cosmic educational process leading us to attain the original “mind”, “intelligent design”, “theory of everything” behind our reality. By this unprecedented, “supernatural” education and attainment we will merit the sense as if we ourselves designed, created and governed reality.

So what should we do the next time we have to make a choice, decision? Just do as before, make the choice, decision based on our “gut instincts” or by the advice of others based on their “gut instincts”. But at the same time we need to try going behind the scenes, trying to understand the “director/scrip writer”, why I had to go through those decisions exactly that way and how it fits into a larger, integral plan of development leading to that final, perfect goal.

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