The Pleasures Hidden In Serving Others

Question: What are some hidden pleasures in life?

Answer: We could say that we are not even scratching the surface when it comes to pleasures in life. While we are blindly chasing and fulfilling pleasures for our instinctive “animate” ( food, sex, family) and “social” (wealth, power, knowledge) desires, we are like children collecting little, shiny pebbles outside of an infinite treasury that has its doors open, but we can’t see it as we are obsessed with putting the pebbles into our small, limited pockets…

I am not saying we should ignore, or abandon fulfilling our modern, comfortable, natural necessities in the usual ways in this world. But besides that, on top of that we should start researching, understanding the qualitatively much higher, infinite and eternal pleasures we could receive if we raised ourselves to a higher state of consciousness, perception of reality.

For that higher state we need to learn to exit from the constant, instinctive self-focus, self-service, egocentric and subjective worldview and we need to start existing, perceiving reality through the desires and viewpoints of others.

That way we can enter the “treasury” – a different, selfless, transparent and objective dimension – that is filled with infinite and eternal bounty which we can enjoy above time, space and physical motion.

Outside of our limited, egoistic receptive vessels, receiving pleasures for others, through others, all the available pleasures of the world can flow freely, without any shame or restrictions.

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