Purposefully Acquiring Happiness

Question: Why is there so much sadness in the world when we have the ability to make life happy?

Answer: You are right, it is perplexing that we are programmed to strive, yearn for happiness, our Human purpose in existence to reach “perfect, infinite” fulfillment, contentment, and still we keep building societies that are becoming increasingly empty, depressed, angry, self-destructive.

But “true happiness” is not something that comes by itself. We won’t become truly happy passively, we won’t receive it on a silver platter, and it won’t just fall on us from the sky.

Our inherently selfish, egoistic, greedy and hateful nature prevents us from building the crucial, positive, mutually responsible and mutually complementing relationships, without which Happiness – a warm, positive, collective emotional impression, sense of accomplishment – cannot appear, develop.

We have to purposefully build happiness above, against our interest nature, hateful mutual rejection. Thus first of all we need a unique, practical educational method, that can teach is what “true happiness” is and how it is possible to create it along ourselves.

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