Peace Of Mind… In A Quantum System

Question: Should peace of mind be the main, general, ultimate goal for every individual?

Answer: It depends on what we consider “peace”.

If peace is a fragile but still sustained, constantly changing, evolving balance, harmony in between vastly contrasting, seemingly incompatible opposites, that – through great tension, never ending collision – reach an overall, multi-faceted, multi-colored perfection, homeostasis – like in any living, natural system – then yes, the purpose of our life is to reach this kind of “peace of mind”.

And the mind we achieve by this is a truly Human, collective, “cosmic”, Universal mind that is capable of attaining the whole system of reality with all of its cause and effect processes above the boundaries of time, space or motion.

We attain all the infinite possibilities of a quantum system being in all of those possibilities at the same “time”…

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