Life’s “Non-Religious”, Scientific Meaning

Question: From a non-religious perspective, can life actually have meaning?

Answer: Yes. From a “non-religious”, scientific point of view we can actually prove the meaning, purpose of life that religion believe in.

Religions have “blind faith” in a single, all-encompassing force in reality, that creates, nurtures life and governs everything. But religions don’t attempt to, they actually warn against trying to directly connect to, reveal this force “in this life”.

On the other hand with the help of the right, authentic, purposeful scientific method we can research, fully attain and partner this force here and now.

All we have to do is to change, upgrade ourselves until we become similar to this force, revealing, understanding it “through its actions”, ourselves acting like it.

This is our Human purpose in life – “Human” meaning “similar” based on its Hebrew origin.

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