Losing My Self

Question: What is that one thing that, if taken from you, would take away the meaning of your life?

Answer: The answer to this question is the greatest paradox of Human existence.

The one thing we can’t let go of, we can’t give up is our “self”, the self-esteem, self-importance, self-honor which is so precious for us, that we are willing to give up even our physical life for.

On the other hand in order to find our true meaning of life, in order to cultivate the “Human being” in us, we have to nullify this “self”. Only by complete self-annulment towards others can we acquire a selfless, objective viewpoint, observer, that is capable of researching and attaining reality “as it is”, in it’s complete perfection.

Obviously we need a very unique, and practical educational method in the purposefully built and conducted Human environment, so we can learn how to tolerate and later resolve this paradox.

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