Sweet Love Sickness

Question: Do you feel it is worth taking the chance to be hurt in love? After all, we can love but have “walls” up and that’s safe. But are we missing out on the full range of life experience by not taking the chance to go “all in” and possibly get hurt?

Answer: I fully agree with you. If you go into “love” by building self-protecting walls first, that is not love at all. Then that “love” remains “fish-love” (I love fish because it tastes good). So I “love” conditionally, as long as it is pleasant for me, as long as I do not get hurt.

“True Love” is something completely selfless, unconditional. Not only there are no walls, but I give, sacrifice everything on the “altar of love” for the sake of the other. It is like the “mother’s love” where the mother forgets who she is, where she is, whether she slept, ate, whether she exists at all, except that she exists in order to serve the baby.

And here a “miracle” happens. In the state of “True Love” the person, the “lover”, the “self” cannot be hurt, cannot feel selfish problems any longer, since the “self” seizes to exist! The hurt, the pain becomes sweet as it becomes “love sickness” when all of my concern, suffering is related to the other!

This is sweet, enormously rewarding “pain”. It is the pain of “giving life”, nurturing life. This “True Love”, this sweet pain, love sickness propels us into a completely different dimension of existence where we tangibly, realistically sense, taste a life above time, space, physical motion in an eternal, infinite space.

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