“Scary” Love

Question: What is the hardest thing you’ve ever had to tell your partner?

Answer: I think the first most difficult thing is to tell her, that I love her. Even just to say this requires a certain amount of humility, self-annulment, even if it is not completely true.

But when love becomes true, when I achieved such a humility and self-annulment that I am capable of serving and loving her “blindly”, selflessly, unconditionally, then saying “I love you” even without words becomes very, very hard – for her!

When we start to feel such unconditional, true love towards ourselves it is like an intolerable, burning fire that forces us to run, escape from ourselves. When someone declared such love for us, we can’t care or even think about ourselves any longer.

It is a scary state as if I was catapulted from inside myself into an empty space. The only condition that safeguards that I don’t run away is my commitment, decision, that I am ready to love that other with the same, true, unconditional love.

True Love is the hardest of all.

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