The Greatest Challenge: Losing The Self

Question: What was one of the most challenging test (academic or personal) that you’ve ever had to pass?

Answer: The most challenging personal test we all face is giving up the all-powerful control of our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egoistic nature and corresponding subjective perception of reality, in order to rise above a blind, instinctive, “animate” existence and become “truly Human”.

This is of course extremely difficult, almost impossible. After all one can’t lift oneself by pulling one’s own hair.

Such a fundamental self-change, self-upgrade is only possible with the help of a unique “human laboratory” that is using the right, purposeful and practical educational method, which is based on Natural evolution’s intelligent, predetermined plan.

But the reward of reaching our unique evolutionary, Human degree, fulfilling our special “cogwheel role” in Nature’s vast, cosmic system justifies the effort.

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