Life Is Constant Renewal

Question: When did you accept that things would never be the same?

Answer: The truth is that “things are never the same”, the question is when we become aware of this and how do we accept it?

We exist in a closed, living, Natural system that is built on and is governed by an intelligent evolutionary plan. With or without our knowledge this plan keeps pulling, pushing us towards a final, predetermined, most optimal state.

Based on our inherently self-oriented, self-protective, subjective nature we instinctively thrive towards rest, comfort. We do not like to be unbalanced, prodded to move forwards. Thus we move only reluctantly when the expectations of greater pleasures, or the threat of pain, suffering forces us out of the comport zone.

By default the evolutionary plan moves us by suffering, blows, crisis situations as we can easily observe through Human history or even by our own personal life story.

In order to come to accept this need for constant change, in order to not only accept but to “get on board” with the changes, moreover to start understanding, consciously controlling them, we need to start a unique educational method.

This purposeful, practical method can help us learn Nature’s evolutionary plan and our own unique role in it. Then we can start a gradual process of adaptation, self-upgrade until we start not only not fearing but actually enjoying the constant renewal, rebirth.

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