Inevitably Tied Together

Question: What’s one thing that should never be forgotten?

Answer: We mustn’t forget, that “we are never alone”. And it is not enough that we are never alone, but we are inevitably interlocked into a completely integrated and fully interdependent system.

“Globalization” is not man-made, we had to evolve into this “Global Village” in order for Humanity to reach compatibility and thus seamless integration with Nature’s fully integrated and interdependent system. Thus now we live in a world where such principles as “Butterfly Effect”, “One For All, All For One” operate in practice. And since these principles represent “iron”, natural laws we have no other choice but to adapt to them.

Our unique Human advantage is that contrary to other parts of the Natural system – that are instinctively, automatically integrated with the system – we have to reach integration with each other and the system consciously, against our inherently selfish, egoistic nature.

This conscious self-change, upgrade, the contrast in between the instinctive and acquired behavior, operation gives us the full attainment of the system, its evolutionary plan and its laws. This is how we merit becoming the “Crowns of Evolution”

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